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Conflict Resolution Education

Empowering youth in schools, agencies, and the juvenile courts to gain skills including: staying calm, empathizing, active listening, assertive speaking, and collaborative problem solving. 

Free & low cost workshops for 4th-12th Grades:

  • Classroom

  • Small, Gender Specific: Healthy Choices for Girls, Facing Conflict without Violence

  • Small, Mixed-Gender

  • Custom trainings for youth-serving organizations: Equip staff with tools and framework to engage with youth and address conflicts. 

Boys in conflict

Restorative Practices

Restorative justice asks “What harm has been caused and what are the obligations as a result of that harm?” It is an approach, with multiple practices that the WDRC can provide, including: 

  • Circles/Conferences: stakeholders express how the issue affected them and what they need to move forward.

  • Community-building Circles: Discuss group norms, challenges, and gain trust and empathy through sharing. Works with classrooms of all ages.

  • Impact Competency Education:
    Small group or individual coaching for youth to understand the impact of their choices.

  • Victim Offender Meetings: Brings youth, parties harmed by incident, and neutral facilitator in a structured process to ensure accountability and decide how to best repair harm.

Father and teenage daughter


A voluntary, confidential, & affordable way to resolve conflict.

Parent-Teen Mediation: Whether you’re not getting along, feeling misunderstood, or planning for the future, we can help. Mediation empowers teens and guardians to communicate effectively, solve problems, and reach solutions that work for them. 93% of recent clients reported that their issues were addressed, including: communication, navigating changes, academic issues, roles and more. Parent-teen mediation is by donation with a small administrative fee. 

Youth and Peer Mediation:  Assisting youth to resolve a conflict, or facilitate a peer-mediation training. 


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The WDRC provides a great resource to help kids manage themselves, develop empathy and understanding for others, gain greater insight, and begin to develop these crucial life skills. For time-strapped staff, this resource is invaluable.
— Beth Bacon, Fairhaven Middle School Counselor
It helped me get better strategies to resolve conflicts and new friends I can trust.
— Healthy Choices for Girls participant
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Youth Program Partners

The WDRC Youth Program would not exist without the generous contributions of individuals, businesses, and community partners. Consider contributing to the WDRC

I have used an ‘I statement’ with my mom and it really kept the situation calm and helped our relationship stay strong.
— Healthy Choices for Girls Participant