Mediator Certification and Practicum Program

The WDRC offers a practicum for individuals interested in becoming certified mediators.

The WDRC upholds stringent standards for mediators-in-training in order to ensure that the service our clients receive is high caliber and professional. The majority of our mediation services are provided by volunteers. At a minimum, all of our mediators have completed the professional mediation training, a practicum program in which they have been evaluated and certified according to the standards set forth by Resolution Washington and the Washington Mediation Association (WMA). Our practicum is an approved WMA Practicum Program.

Our family mediators have taken at least 24 additional hours of Family Mediation Training, and completed an additional practicum program. Many of our mediators also have backgrounds and experience in human resources, law, healthcare, education, and community planning, which enhance their skill sets and sensitivity to a variety of different types of disputes.

Interested in receiving mediator certification?

In order to become certified as a mediator, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete the Professional Mediation Training

  • Apply and be admitted to the Practicum Program

  • Complete the Practicum Program, including a mock mediation assessed by WDRC certification team

  • Once certified, fulfill annual continuing education hours and actively mediate

The Mediation Practicum Program is a rigorous process. If you are considering pursuing mediator certification, please carefully review this document. Once admitted to the Program most people take 12-18 months to reach certification. If you are interested in family or other specialized mediation certification, please note that advanced training in the topic area and additional practicum steps will be required. 

To apply, please print the following application documents and submit your complete application to Luke Wiesner. If you would like us to email you the application documents, please contact Luke at or 360.676.0122.

Application Documents:

  1. Mediation Practicum Program Guidelines

  2. Basic Mediation Certification Written Exam

  3. Exam Mock Mediation Scenario

  4. Exam Mock Settlement Agreement

  5. Volunteer Application

We accept new practicum students twice a year. To submit your application for our Fall cohort, all materials must be submitted on or before Friday, July 12.